Barefoot Trims

  • Corrective trims for proper balance
  • Encourage correct landings
  • Development of digital cushion and lateral cartilages
  • Smooth gaits, no more tripping or stumbling over long toes!
  • Founder and Navicular Rehab

Thrush Applications

  • Homemade, Natural LCS - contains liquid copper sulfate (non-caustic), vinegar, water, bentonite clay
  • Other suggested applications- Hooflex, Clean Trax, Today/Tomorrow, Pete Ramey's goo

Trail and Glue-on Boots

  • Trail boots can be put on and removed easily by the owner for trail rides or therapy and last 500-800 miles!
  • Glue-on boots can be used for building healthy soles, encouraging heel first landings, protecting the hoof and endurance riding

There is a process to taking your horse barefoot. Some horses have a short journey and some have a long one. I take pride in selecting the best- the best tools, the best supplements and the best products. I am constantly learning with each new horse and I will use that knowledge to customize a strategy for you and your horse. Here are the services and products I offer to help along the way!

Nutritional Products

  • Custom and pre-made mixes available
  • Herbs contain naturally chelated minerals and vitamins. They are not processed, heated to extremes, extruded, changed or different from how nature intended them to be, 
  • Chemical free, preservative free, dye free


  • The goal is to have a horse that responds without fear- a willing horse
  • Focus on ground training and desensitization
  • I include the owner so the horse respects and trusts the one who will be working with it the most

Hay Testing 

  • Grass mix and Teff hays have more balanced calcium:phosphorus ratios, adequate energy and protein and lower sugar which the majority of horses need
  • Find out exactly what nutrients are missing or too high and may be causing issues
  • Musculoskeletal unwinding is a type of massge that releases sore, overworked muscles back to their normal state.
  • When horses pull back while tied they can damage a lot of nerves and muscles that we don't even realize! This can lead to a lot of common issues we see with riding everyday.
  • This technique, along with proper diet, movement and follow up care, can help return retired horses back to work, reduce or eliminate ringbone and sidebone, lengthen strides, improve self-carriage and build a healthy topline!
  • It can also help correct cow-hocked horses, pigeon toes, high-low syndrome and so much more.

Equine Musculoskeletal Unwinding