Lacelynn Seibel

Certified Whole Horse Hoof Practicioner 2014

Distributor | Wild Horse Products- Herbs

Hoof Boot Dealer | Easy Care 


Bachelor's Degree from the University of Illinois | Animal Science 3.6gpa 2012

Associate's Degree from Illinois Central College | Plant and Soil Science 3.8gpa 2008


Peoria IL

PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE CONTACTING ME! You can also print this for your own records. I would like for both of us to be on the same page with nutrition and care in general or at least have owners aware of how I operate and what I expect from them. This kind of care is a little more involved on my end and I need to have owners that are comitted to continuing care in between visits. So many things we have been taught to do are the cause of our horse's problems and we need to break the chain of tradition to foster the horse's ability to heal itself with our help!



**If you are outside of my normal travel area but would like to host a trimming clinic or have a barn where people could bring their horses to for a weekend for evaluations, corrective set up trim and further instructions on healing the hooves and body please feel free to contact me as we may be able to work something out**