I try to keep everything as simple as possible. Simple explanations, simple solutions and great results. In order to get where I am and see the results I've seen I've had to go through a lot of trial and error. My goal is to save you the headaches and cut straight to the issues so we can get your animals functioning at full capacity and health!

The Barefoot Horse was created to bring health to our horses. I focus on corrective, barefoot trims for navicular and founder rehab, basic trimming to the anatomy of the horse and education on nutrition and musculoskeletal release techniques. My trims are modeled after the feral mustangs according to the environment and condition the domestic horse is in. If there are issues with abcesses, thrush, white line disease, cracked, dry hoof walls and thin soles-they need to be addressed in a different way than traditional methods. The whole horse needs to be considered when looking at all of these aspects. There is a delicate balance between the hoof, the horse's structure and nature, and I strive to achieve that balance with each visit.